Our Clients

We have renowned customers from different type of sectors. With in public sector we have gained good reputation and references from Museums and Libraries area. Some of our works and delivered projects are as follows.

Public Sector

We have produced long term strategy for several clients from museums and library sector, this strategy helped to identify legacy system status, operational risks , business plan to mitigate these risks. we also identified yearly project in a 5 year program plan with estimated costs helping our clients to allocate required budgets and mobilise tenders. please see following link as a reference.

http:// securitymedia.uberflip.com/ i/322209/16

Rail & Transport

We have a long history of working in transport industry. In that industry, specifically for Rail sector we have provided designing, commissioning and maintenance services. This sector is exceptionally compliance /assurnace driven sector. But we managed deliver all our services by adapting the required assurance /compliance processes which provided great satisfaction to our customers.